AT&T campaign delivers distracted-drivers a virtual reality check

AT&T campaign delivers distracted-drivers a virtual reality check

A virtual-reality simulator demonstrating the dangers of distracted-driving spent the day in Kennewick, showing area drivers how dangerous it is to use your smart phone behind the wheel.

A practice they said it is as bad as drunk-driving.

It's part of the AT&T "It can wait" campaign traveling the country after finding seven-in-ten people admit to frequently looking at their phones.

The demo uses a 360-degree experience to prove how quickly everything changes when you look away from the road.

Driver Dustin Fairchild tried it out and even though he said he tries to use the do-not-disturb feature on his phone while driving, the simulation really drives the point home.

"If you’ve never been in a wreck while using your phone, you don’t realize. You don’t think its going to be you that causes the problem or has it happen, until it actually happens," explained Fairchild.

The folks from AT&T said since it's launch, the campaign has inspired more than 15-million pledges not to drive distracted, even launching a free app that diverts incoming distractions from your mobile phone until you're parked.

More on the app, here.

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