Attempted morning robbery at gas station

West Richland attempted robbery

WEST RICHLAND, Wash. -- Police say a man wearing black clothing, and a mask, walked into the Kennedy Mart Conoco station and demanded money from the register just after 6 AM Saturday morning.

According to West Richland police, the suspect did not threaten the clerk with a weapon but did keep his hands in his front sweatshirt pockets and also had a folding knife clipped to the front of his sweatshirt.

When the clerk asked the man what if she did not give him the money, he responded by saying that he would not kill them for it.

Police say the suspect left without any money and got into a gold, or silver, car parked across the street.

The only description we have on the suspect is that he is a six-foot tall white man.

If anyone should have information that may assist in the investigation or apprehension of the suspect, please call 509)628-0333. Refer to West Richland Case 18-00178.

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