Backers of Proposition 1 : Pasco School District improvements overdue

Backers of Proposition 1 : Pasco School District improvements overdue

PASCO, Wash. — The Pasco School District is proposing a bond measure they say will alleviate over-crowding and improve student safety.

Shane Edinger with Pasco Schools said a group of community builders met to discuss the district's most-pressing issues and felt adding three new schools and replacing the aging Stevens Middle School would best serve the area.

He said the bond also includes plans to add security vestibules to 15 schools where visitors must first check in and be buzzed through.

District leaders said this sort of funding requires voter input and it's time.

They report adding around 600 new students each year with no signs of stopping.

"The over-riding issue, the main reason for the bond is because our schools are overcrowded. We have seen a tremendous student population growth since 2000."

The district reports Kindergarten through 8th Grade being 2,300 students over capacity with projections putting them at 4,400 over capacity by 2026.

For complete arguments for and against Proposition No. 1, visit Franklin County's Voting Guide.

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