Believers share stories of sightings at Bigfoot conference

Believers share stories of sightings at Bigfoot conference

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- Whether you believe in bigfoot or not, chances are you've seen the famous Patterson-Gimlin footage of the alleged bigfoot from 1967.

Today at the International Bigfoot Conference in Kennewick, Action News spoke with some believers who say they've seen a Sasquatch themselves. One, a local woman, another--Legend behind the original film--Bob Gimlin himself.

Joy Hill said she saw a bigfoot on the Blues years ago.

“He didn't even break stride,” Hill said. “But he looked at us and then we could see that he was covered in hair, front and back, and the moon shining off his eyes and his face. And he didn't break stride, and he was well over seven foot.”

“It doesn't hurt my feelings when people say, ‘Bob doesn't know what he's talking about. It was some guy in a suit,’” Gimlin said. “I say, have it your way, I’ll have it my way."

Believers said they often face criticism, but the conference is a way to share stories and sightings without judgment and learn about new research and evidence of bigfoot's existence.

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