Benton County Roads Update

    Benton County Government Facebook

    BENTON COUNTY, Wash. - There are many roads that are closed in Benton today as of 7 a.m.

    In a post on the Benton County Government Facebook page the following roads are closed due to blowing snow and drifting

    - Webber Canyon Rd from Badger Rd to County Well Rd.

    - Travis Rd from County Well Rd to south end.

    - County Well Rd from SR 221 to Travis Rd.

    - Sellards Rd from SR 221 to Plymouth Rd

    - Sellards Rd from SR 221 West to Alderdale.

    - Bert James Rd from SR 221 to Sellards Rd

    - Plymouth Rd from SR 14 to Sellards Rd

    - Locust Grove Rd from I-82 West to Plymouth Rd.

    - Clodfelter Rd south of Triple Vista to Locust Grove Rd local traffic only.

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