Benton County Sheriff not enforcing I-1639

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    Benton County, Wash. -- Sheriff Jerry Hatcher published a letter to residents about his plans to not enforce I-1639.

    The letter explaining the planned actions of the sheriff's office was posted on its Facebook page Wednesday.

    In the letter, Sheriff Hatcher said, "I have worked closely with all the Chiefs and Sheriffs in Benton and Franklin Counties and the Benton County Prosecuting Attorney on I-1639. We unanimously feel without clarification the initiative as written in non-enforceable. In addition, I stand with other Sheriffs across the state opposing I-1639."

    I-1639 is a controversial bill, passed by voters in November, that raises the legal age to purchase semi-automatic weapons in Washington State to 21.

    On Tuesday, The Franklin County Commissioners voted to support Sheriff Jim Raymond with his decision to not enforce I-1639.

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