Burglars stealing firearms in recent cases

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- Over the past three months, statistics show burglaries in our area are on the downfall.

But recent cases of firearm theft in Kennewick have sparked concern among police.

It's a new trend that even has local residents worried.

Kennewick mother Jennifer Mendez was shocked when she found out that guns have been the focus of recent burglaries.

It's not the property loss that is as concerning to her, it's the danger of an unaccounted-for firearm being loose in her community.

"It's pretty scary not knowing where those guns are going to end up or what types of things they're going to be used for," said Kennewick mother Jennifer Mendez.

Should they end up in the wrong hands, here's no telling what they could be used for.

"When people are armed, it gives people a little more footing to cause more harm to our community and we want to make sure we only reduce that from occurring," said Kennewick Patrol Officer Becca Jones.

A string of burglaries has police warning residents to keep their guns locked up.

People trying to get around back ground checks have turned to theft.

"I think that guns are something that can be marketed to anybody so they appeal to people who aren't allowed firearms so they can get them so they don't have to go through the process to go through the background checks to obtain a firearm," added Jones.

Police say never leave your firearm in your car.

If you're in your home, your gun should be too.

"Once they're in their residence- if they're not going to be carrying them -to make sure they are securing them in their home," said Jones.

Police want you to secure them inside your home - so they aren't a threat outside.

Police also say there are multiple reasonably priced home security systems available for purchase online.

Many are compatible with smartphone apps-allowing you to keep an eye on your home wherever you may be.

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