Charges filed against man accused of hiding gun before pulling CBC fire alarm

Charges filed against man accused of hiding gun before pulling CBC fire alarm

PASCO, Wash. -— Franklin County prosecutors filed charges against the man police say showed up to the Columbia Basin College (CBC) campus while drunk and armed with a shotgun. before pulling a fire alarm.

Student Danielle Littrell said close calls are something you see on the news in other places. Not Pasco.

"I think it is a bit shocking with it happening somewhere so close to home," Littrell said. "I know it obviously shook up some people who were on campus, or who knew someone who was on campus,"

Today the Franklin County Prosecutors office filed charges against 18-year-old Jose Amezola for burglary and first-degree attempted assualt after witnesses said he came to a trivia event in the CBC Hub, intoxicated and pulled a fire alarm.

Court documents claim Amezola arrived on campus with a 410-gauge shotgun, hid it, and activated the school's fire alarm, he said, "to get people to leave".

Pasco police said the night almost became tragic.

They said Amezola "took substantial steps to assault another with a firearm or deadly weapon" and likely intended to cause harm or death to students as they fled.

Authorities said they found another bag of Amezola's with "additional ammunition located in the backpack".

The school is commending it's security team and other employees who reacted quickly to detain Amezola before police got there.

Student Andrew Tiemens said Thursday's incident was unexpected but he isn't losing sleep over it.

"I feel completely safe on campus," Tiemems said. "I see campus security around here pretty regularly, and Pasco Police, too."

Littrell said she understands if other students are worried to come to school, but she feels CBC does a fine job preparing students for the unthinkable.

"Even in just small different ways," she explained. "They've put up signs in the hallways and restrooms saying what to do if there's an active shooter."

The public service announcements are placed in prominent locations around campus, including above urinals,

The posters have instructions about what to do, should it come to that.

"I feel like they're recovering well," Littrell said. "They've put in some good measures to prepare students for something like this, if it does happen in the future."

Amezola is in the Franklin County Jail with bail set at $1 million. He'll appear in court Tuesday, May 15.

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