Climate scientist hikes 1,500 miles on Pacific Crest Trail for a cause

    Climate scientist Steve Ghan on the Pacific Crest Trail.

    RICHLAND, Wash.-- 1,500 miles of hiking in three months.

    It's hard to imagine for many of us, but that's what one recently-retired climate scientist did on the Pacific Crest Trail.

    Steve Ghan's story is amazing, and almost 150 people packed into the Richland Library Monday night to hear it.

    So many people, some had to be turned away.

    Ghan says his journey is the result of a lifelong dream.

    He did a portion of the PCT when he was 16.

    Now, 45 years later, he is finally living the dream.

    Steve Ghan says, "I feel good, it was something I always wanted to do. I am not done, I only did 1,500 miles, I have the rest to do, another 1,150 miles. I would say go for it follow your dreams, you'll be amazed at what you can do. I was just taking one step at a time. That's all it was. And, not quitting."

    Through the hike, Ghan was also was able to raise 15,000 dollars for Citizens' Climate Lobby, a bipartisan organization that focuses on climate change solutions.

    Ghan says if your pack is light and you are reasonably fit, you can do it.

    He also recommends starting with shoes a size larger than you need because your feet grow.

    He plans on completing the miles he has left of the trail in 2020.

    The portion he did was from Dunsmuir, California to the border of Mexico

    He says when he resumes the hike, he'll go to Dunsmuir again and head north to Canada.

    He wrote a trail journal and updated it every week, and through this he was able to garner a following online.

    He got almost 300 subscriptions and many of those followers were able to pledge money to go to CCL.

    He raised 15,000 dollars.

    To read more about Steve's journey, you can visit his blog, here.

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