Community donates nearly $2,000 for injured pup found in West Richland

Community donates nearly $2,000 for injured pup found in West Richland

Animal lovers are digging deep to take care of a pup found abandoned along Ruppert Road in Benton County.

They've raised more than $1,200 in just a few days and Marissa Rodriguez with West Richland Animal Control(WRAC) said her team is beyond grateful for the outpouring of support.

She says the donations are making sure Petey gets the best quality of care possible, and go a long way toward getting the young Pitbull's paws back on the ground.

Rodriguez said public support is vital for dogs like Petey, and greatly improves their outlook on life.

A good samaritan found Petey in the dirt along a country road with a broken, infected leg.

Petey's doctors said he went for a few days without food before being rescued, but that he's doing much better now.

Rodriguez told Action News it appears the pup was driven into the country and left for dead, and police are looking for whoever did this.

"Keep an eye out for neighbors and report anything, even a little hint of it," Rodriguez urged. "If you've seen him before in a neighbors back yard, please contact us, we'd really like to find out what happened to him."

The staff at Doctor Menk's Mobile Vet Clinic are taking care of Petey at their Benton City location, but said once he's up for it they're hoping to find a new family to care for him.

For more information contact West Richland Animal Control at 509-967-3425.

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