Cops go holiday shopping with kids in need

Cops go holiday shopping with kids in need

RICHLAND, Wash. -- It's not every day you see more than a dozen cops shopping with kids at the store--but that's what the Richland Walmart looked like this morning—with officers taking little ones around to pick out Christmas presents for their family members.

It's called Cops and Kids, and all agencies in our region participated. Kids in need who wouldn't otherwise get presents during the holidays are chosen to do some fun shopping and make a new, unexpected friend.

"It was outstanding,” said Captain Thomas Grego of the West Richland Police Department. “I had Diego today, he was in the fifth grade and a really cool kid. It sounds like to me he had things ready to go for us with what he wanted for his family, and he really loves his family, so it was really neat to do it."

Cops and Kids has been going on for several years, with donations from Walmart, Subway, sand others.

Officers said it opens their hearts to kids in need, and they hope they can show the children that cops and kids are friends.

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