Democrats running for office host rally and canvass

    Sen. Maria Cantwell and Christine Brown held a rally and canvass for democrats in Pasco<p>{/p}

    Senator Maria Cantwell and Christine Brown hosted a rally and canvass in Pasco as a part of the statewide Build a Blue WAve Get Out the Vote Tour.

    Several democratic candidates attended the rally. Including Andy Miller who is running for Benton County prosecutor, Zahra Roach running for Franklin County Commissioner, and Diane Izaguirre running for Franklin County Auditor.

    "We’ve got to move forward and make these investments so people can have the quality of life that they deserve so that we can continue our progress in training and skilling people for today's economy. And making sure that we're loud and clear in this election and get out the vote for democrats," said Sen. Maria Cantwell.

    Maria Cantwell spoke about issues in the Tri-Cities like the Hanford Reach project and the importance of the Columbia River and public spaces.

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