Deputies receiving multiple calls of pets left in the cold

BENTON COUNTY, Wash. -- Deputies say they have received multiple calls regarding animals being left in the elements during this series of brutal winter storms.

On Monday, deputies say they received a tip about a dog that was possibly suffering from hypothermia.

After a quick investigation, authorities say they were able to find the dog, still alive, after being notified about an issue.

Officials say each case will be evaluated individually and might result in charges being forwarded to the Prosecuting Attorney's Office.

According to a local RCW, an owner of an animal is guilty of animal cruelty if they fail to provide the animal with necessary shelter or unjustifiable physical pain.

Authorities say you must provide an animal with adequate shelter. Make sure pets have a warm blanket to lie in and plenty of food and water.

If your pet is shivering, whining, shivering, anxious or acting abnormally slow...they could be suffering from hypothermia.

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