Deputies, SWAT Team find over 20 pounds of meth in Finley drug bust

Deputies, SWAT Team find over 20 pounds of meth in drug bust

FINLEY, Wash. - Deputies and a SWAT team have uncovered 20 pounds of meth after serving a search warrant.

Benton County deputies investigated a home Thursday at 218003 E. Bowles Road in Finley. Emergency officials blocked Bowles Road to traffic at 397.

Deputies were assisting Spokane police in an investigation. Neighbors said they heard officers telling people on a bullhorn to come out.

Further investigation in Pasco led to the discovery of additional meth and heroine as well as a large amount of cash in this case, reports said.

Officers arrested 33-year-old Jesus Vega-Beltran, a previously deported felon with a weapons history and a past conviction of sex trafficking in the incident for meth possession and delivery.

Deputies said 24-year-old Eldmir Eunices Ochoa Gastlum was also arrested for meth delivery.

Law enforcement continues to investigate this case.

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