Deputy pulls woman to shore in Columbia River rescue

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    MORROW COUNTY, Ore. - A woman has been rescued after authorities said a deputy went into the Columbia River to recover the woman who was possibly trying to drown herself.

    The Morrow County Sheriff's Office said deputies received a report Monday around 3:19 p.m. of a possible suicidal woman who was headed to the river from Boardman, OR.

    Deputies from the sheriff's office and officers from the Boardman Police Department then began searching for the woman.

    According to reports, Marine Deputy Mike Cahill found the woman roughly 50 to 75 yards off the shore in the swelling water. Cahill was preparing to deploy a marine boat, but after seeing how deep she was, he determined there was no time to get the boat ready and went into the water himself.

    Cahill reportedly saw the woman go under the water twice as he swam out to rescue her, authorities said. Cahill was able to grab the woman and get her to shore, after she tried to get away and begged him to let go.

    According to the sheriff's office, Deputy Cahill was working against the water, wind, current and the woman he was attempting to rescue.

    Cahill took the woman to waist deep water, where Boardman Police Chief Rick Stokoe and Officer Martin Martinez got into the water to help control her.

    Police detained the woman at the shore.

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