Discussion to bring public market to Tri-Cities continues

    On the Columbia River by the Cable Bridge is one of the potential locations for the market. <p>{/p}

    PASCO, Wash.-- You probably are familiar with Pike Place Market in Seattle or Pybus Market in Wenatchee and the idea of bringing a public market to the Tri-Cities is still going strong.

    That idea was the focus of a special workshop meeting Monday night for Pasco City Council members.

    Two locations for the proposed market, one on the waterfront and one in downtown, are still in the running moving forward.

    A feasibility study started last winter and phase one of that study was presented to the Pasco City Council along with Port of Pasco leaders tonight.

    Phase one included basic market research and some site analysis.

    About 3000 people responded to a survey last year, and many indicated they'd rather see a public market at the marine terminal versus in downtown Pasco.

    The research firm says both sites have great attributes and are both great options.

    President of Market Ventures Inc. Ted Spitzer says, "The riverfront site offered some great benefit and one can imagine a very beautiful market there with mixed use development and great use of the water, but that's a long way to go from the current blank slate that's there today. In the downtown, we have some existing assets like the farmers market and specialty kitchen which would benefit greatly from having the public market adjacent and would be a known place. "

    Leaders with the Port of Pasco and the city council as well as from the Tri-Cities Public Market Board all agree they'd like to move forward continuing to look at both options simultaneously.

    The recommended next step is to begin phase 2 of the feasibility study which would include diving into the tenant mix, the design, the financial analysis, and economic impact.

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