Distracted Driving tickets now being issued

distracted driving

OLYMPIA, Wash. -- Tuesday marks six months since Governor Inslee signed the state’s new distracted driving law.

State Patrol and law enforcement officers across the state are now all issuing tickets to drivers who violate Washington’s distracted driving law—Driving Under the Influence of Electronics (E-DUI) Act.

Authorities say the grace period has ended and no more warnings will be issued.

Under the E-DUI law, drivers may not use hand-held cell phones or watch videos while they are driving, stopped in traffic, or at a stop light.

This includes tablets, laptops, games, or any hand-held electronic devices.

The law restricts hands-free use to a single touch.

According to a recent report, since the law took effect July 23, 2017, State Patrol officers have issued 6,475 distracted driving warnings statewide.

The first E-DUI ticket will cost drivers $136. If the driver incurs a second ticket within five years, the fine increases to $234. In addition, all information on cell phone infractions is now available to insurance companies.

Source: Washington Traffic Safety Commission and Business Wire

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