Dog found dead, tied to pole

    Dog found dead, tied to pole.

    BENTON COUNTY, Wash.--Tri-Cities Animal Shelter & Control Services is looking for the public's health to determine who tied a dog up to a pole, where it was left to die.

    The shelter says the dog in the photo was discovered Tuesday.

    The dog is deceased and now the shelter is looking for justice for the dog.

    The shelter says this area is notorious for animals found dumped.

    The dog was found near McNary dam on the Washington side.

    As of Wednesday Benton County Sheriffs office said the dog had dog tags which is how authorities called the owner who is a woman from Hermiston.

    The woman claims the dog was stolen in December with a second dog out of kennels.

    The second dog has not been found.

    Authorities state they don't know how the dog died and are not sure how it got there.

    If you have any information regarding this dog being left tied to a pole, call the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter or the Benton County Sheriffs office.

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