Dog killed in hit-and-run crash, KPD looking for driver

Yleana Perez and her dog Winston.

KENNEWICK, Wash. – A Kennewick family is heartbroken after they say a car hit and killed their dog Wednesday evening. Now police are looking for the driver who they believe took off after the collision.

The mother told Action News their dog, Winston, was hit and left bloody in the street. When her son went to try and rescue his pet that’s when the car drove off.

"Within seconds he comes back with our puppy bleeding, he's covered in blood, the puppy's neck is hanging," Yleana Perez said.

Around 5:00 p.m., Yleana was watching her son play with Winston and a neighbor's dog in their courtyard when she says it happened. A car struck and killed their dog on Union Street near WinCo.

Yleana said the loss of Winston all seems like a bad dream.

"I'm thankful that it wasn't my son, but I have a huge loss in my heart because my doggy was like my son because he did everything with me," she said.

She said her son had an amazing bond with Winston.

Yleana told Action News she knows her dog should have been on a leash, but the driver of the car still could have had the compassion to stop after killing the dog.

"I'm so upset that someone was so irresponsible to not even stop,” Yleana said. “That hurts me so much."

However, this isn’t the first issue Yleana has had issues with this area.

"The main thing we're concerned about is people slowing down there," she said.

The speed limit is posted as 25 mph in one direction and 35 mph around the other bend, but Yleana and her neighbors said people often speed around this curve.

"People drive 40 to 45 miles-an-hour easily,” Yleana said.

"It's really scary, you can hardly get across," said Roni Rios, Yleana’s neighbor.

Roni said even she’s had close calls on this street.

"A car almost hit me, I literally had to dive out of the way or I would have been hit," Roni said.

"We can't live like that. We have to be comfortable crossing our own streets," Yleana said.

She hopes the person who hit-and-ran would offer a simple apology.

"Just acknowledgement that ‘I made a mistake. Next time I'll slow down so I don't hit a child,’" Yleana said.

And she wants more drivers will take note of slowing down at the cross walk on Union, where she's set up a small vigil in Winston's memory, complete with his favorite toy.

Kennewick police want to find the driver in the white Nissan who struck Winston.

If you know anything about this hit and run you're asked to call KPD.

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