Dog on patrol lends a paw to West Richland Animal Control

WEST RICHLAND, Wash. - It's not every day you see paws on patrol, West Richland police are now showing what a stray rogue dog can become with some tender love and care.

One smart dog is taking full advantage at his new job, lending a paw to animal control and showing the community what he's about with a second chance at life.

West Richland Animal Control Officer, Marissa Rodriguez said, “He was found right outside the police department running loose and what we do is we hold them for 72 hours and after that if nobody claims them we adopt them out.”

However, Officer Marissa Rodriguez said with Lucias, it was a certain type of bond that was formed instantly.

She said, “I have dealt with about 800 dogs in the past and I’ve had maybe only three connections in the past with dogs like that and Lucias was one of them.”

Officer Rodriguez, said after canines refused animal control commands it was Lucias who decided to lend a paw on his own.

She said two dogs were generating about 8 calls in 4 days and nobody could get them not even neighbors who tried.

“I then took Lucias out and I put him on a leash and this was the first time I ever discovered to use him as animal control with me”.

“They came right to him and started sniffing him and I was able to leash both of them and put them in the truck so that stopped that chaos for four days.”

Since then Lucias has successfully helped capture 11 lost or stray dogs to be placed in custody.

“Animal control looks better with him a lot of people judge animal control thinking that we kill dogs, things like that, that's not true at all were here to help the animals.”

From servicing other pets in the streets to bringing therapy to the office, Lucias brings joy to everyone including the police department.

The city of West Richland provides its own animal control services and you can meet Lucias at the West Richland Police Department or at events year round.

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