Donate your old prom dress to young women in need

Donate your old prom dress to Dresses for Hope

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- Prom night is the quintessential high school experience. And a group called Dresses for Hope is trying to help more young women get to go.

Prom dresses might be colorful, sparkly, and fun--but for many families--they're too pricey to afford.

Dresses for Hope gives away free prom dresses to young women who don't have the means to get one on their own.

They were set up Saturday at the Cynergy Centre in Kennewick. And some young women walked away with a dress they loved.

"I think prom is a really cool and special event for everyone,” volunteer and high school student Ally Moore said. “And I think it's really important that everyone should be able to participate, and nobody should miss out on something because of money.”

“It's a pay it forward, pass it on kind of thing,” said Mckenna Wakley, volunteer and high school student. “You get to see them happy and walk away with the dress of their dream."

If you have a prom dress sitting in your closet, you can donate it to Dresses for Hope by contacting the group via email,, or via phone, (509) 521-2825.

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