Don't let fires give you a fright this Halloween

Don't let fires give you a fright this Halloween

WEST RICHLAND, Wash. -- Miniature vampires and superheroes will soon be roaming the streets, asking for candy. But with the tricks and the treats also come potential fire hazards that firefighters want you to know about.

“Think about heat sources and things that will burn up--that's what we want to avoid,” said Captain Ed Dunbar of the Benton County Fire District 4.

A ghastly ghost or a string of scary spider web may be festive, but it can also be flammable.

“One of the houses we were at this morning had some webbing over the windows--just keep your heat sources away from that,” Dunbar said. “It will catch on fire so pay attention to it.”

Dunbar said it's okay to decorate--just make sure to keep them away from any heat source--and make sure they don't block any exits.

“Even some of the lightbulbs can get really hot--hot enough to light dry decorations on fire,” he said.

Another fire safety tip? Choose flameless lights to get your jack-o’-lanterns glowing instead of candles.

“If something happens and the pumpkin rolls away, because somebody kicks it or something, you don't have to worry about it rolling in and starting a fire,” Dunbar said.

Dunbar says be smart--make sure your children can see out of their costumes clearly if using a mask, and make sure pathways are properly lit for trick or treaters.

“Paying attention can save a lot of heartache and pain,” he said.

Because the firefighters would rather be passing out candy, than answering a call.

“We like seeing the kids come by,” Dunbar said. “See what they're dressed up as, seeing how many are firefighters versus how many are cops, and giving the ones dressed like cops a hard time.”

Benton County Fire District 4 will be passing out candy and showing off their fire trucks at the station on Halloween.

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