Driver falls asleep while driving and crashes into a parked car in Kennewick

A car rolled over after the driver fell asleep while driving and crashed into a parked car in Kennewick

KENNEWICK, Wash. - Kennewick police say a male driver fell asleep on the wheel last night and crashed into a parked vehicle.

Police officials say anyone getting behind the wheel should be well rested.

“Be alert and stay alive”, said Isaiah Juarez Kennewick Police.

Officials want to remind folks about the dangers of drowsy driving.

According to Kennewick police a male driver had been working long hours this week with very little sleep.

He was almost home when he fell asleep and hit a parked car.

A video posted by the Kennewick police department shows the extensive damage the car obtained after it crashed into a parked car and rolled over in the 100 block of East 15th.

“Luckily there wasn’t anyone in the vehicle and didn’t cause any injuries”, said Suarez.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration drowsy driving is the result of ten to thirty percent of all crashes.

“It is dangerous to be behind the wheel without the right amount of sleep everybody should get at least eight hours of sleep a night and make sure they are well rested before getting behind the wheel this will prevent collisions like what happened last night”, says Suarez.

The man was lucky to walk away without any injuries to himself or anyone else.

Kennewick police say that if you feel tired or sleepy its best to pull over immediately.

“I would suggest for them to pull over immediately if they are trying to get home they probably should call a family member or a friend to pick them up and take them home safely”, said Suarez.

According to recent data over 1,500 people die as a result of drowsy driving and over 70,000 injuries are reported each year.

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