Driver killed after smashing through concrete wall; into home

Truck crashes into home

PASCO, Wash. -- Police are investigating a fatal crash scene after they say a man drove through a busy intersection, smashed through a concrete wall and crashed into a home on Wednesday night.

Police say the driver of the truck is 47 year-old Mark G. Bryan, of Pasco.

Investigators say it is possible Bryan suffered a medical emergency while the truck was in motion.

The crash scene was at the intersection of at Sandifur and Convention near Road 68.

It appears that he was driving his 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup northbound on Convention near the Fairchild Cinemas when the pickup angled off NW through a field, gaining speed and traveling in a straight line.

Police say the truck crossed Sandifur going up and down the shoulder embankments, narrowly missing two vehicles on the roadway, continued straight through a 6’-tall brick wall, across a backyard, into the back wall of a two-story house, through the master bedroom, and came to a stop with most of the pickup projecting out the exterior wall on the opposite side of the house.

Code Enforcement has declared the house unsafe for human habitation at this point.

Police needed to block off Sandifur for several minutes during the investigation and clean-up of the scene.

The home was occupied at the time of the crash but the person inside was not harmed.

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