Easing nerves as kids head to sleep-away camp

Easing nerves as kids head to sleep-away camp

RICHLAND, Wash -- Kids across the country are headed off on the adventure of a lifetime at summer sleep-away camp.

It can be a little scary for kids and parents, but there are things you can do to ensure a great experience.

This is the third summer 12-year-old Savannah Armijo has gone to camp, but she's still a little nervous. "Just, it's very different from what I've experienced and it's exciting and it's new," says Savannah.

Sixth to twelfth graders from Columbia Community Church in Richland are heading to faith a based camp with kids from nearby Bethel Church. Marci Rose has volunteered at camp for several years and says parents may be also be nervous, but it's really great, if your child is ready.

" My oldest was ready at 8 and my middle child wasn't ready until 12. So you kind of have to know their emotions and whether or not they can handle being alone without mom and dad," she says.

In addition to considering your child's emotional development, follow their interests as well. There are all kinds of camps. "When we look at camps we look at camps that build our children up, what is going to benefit our child. Is it going to help them emotionally, is it going to help them in activities they're already passionate about," says Rose.

Savannah's mom Maya says the first time her daughter went away to camp was the hardest and it helps to be involved in the organization your child is going to camp with.

"It was very nerve-racking but we trusted the people she was going with and that's a big part of it is knowing the leadership that's going and trusting them," she says.

A few days away from Mom and Dad and their normal routine can be good for kids- a growing and confidence building experience.

"I think it allows kids the opportunity to grow as an individual without feeling like they have to answer to Mom and Dad," says Rose.

For more information on finding summer camps or accreditation of summer camps you can click here.

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