Electric car owners in Tri-Cities hope to spark interest in vehicles

    Electric car owners throughout the Tri-Cities showcased their vehicles at the National Drive Electric Week event at the Richland Public Library.

    RICHLAND, Wash. - The Mid-Columbia Electric Vehicle Association celebrated National Drive Electric Week with a showcase of their electric cars for the public.

    The association helps bring awareness and progress to electric cars in Southeast Washington.

    People throughout the Tri-Cities stopped by the showcase today to view a wide range of electric cars from the Tesla Model S to the Mitsubishi I-MiEV.

    Officials say It's a great chance for curious members of the public to talk to actual Electric Car owners to learn more.

    Owners said there are many reasons to drive electric: It's smooth, quiet, environmentally friendly and a lot less expensive than using gas.

    "Most of the time you charge at home at night, while you're sleeping. It's about 10 seconds to plug in, 10 second to unplug. I haven't been to the gas station in 5 years," said Garrett Brown, president of the Mid-Columbia Electric Vehicle Association.

    Brown added that the price of used electric cars are also very affordable.

    Most people are discouraged by electric cars because of the range limitation. But Brown said there are many options out there. For example, there are electric cars that go 20 miles on electricity and then switch to gas, and there are vehicles that can run up to 300 miles solely on electric.

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