Emergency response leaders practice on mock-situation

WEST RICHLAND, Wash. -- Practice makes perfect, and perfect is what our local emergency response teams strive for when it comes to saving someone's life.

Local response teams trained Wednesday to make sure they are able to respond to a multiple-injury scene.

"These are low frequency events but they're high consequences, they're very taxing, so if we don't practice we won't perform as well and as efficiently if we don't practice," said AJ Hill of Benton County Fire District 4.

About six different agencies showed up to the scene and had to respond to multiple injuries and practice prioritizing them.

All of the victims had tags on them which showed what mock injury they had. Then the response teams had to treat them based on that.

"We go in a color code we go from red being the worst, then yellow and green and then unfortunately if we have a code black that's obviously a fatality," said Hill.

All the actors were Tri-Tech students in either fire or law enforcement programs, all of whom received make-overs.

"These kids from Tri-Tech were all bloodied up, bones sticking out of them, I mean it is real scenario make-up on them and so it gives the EMTs and first responders some good views of what they could see in this situation," said Devin Hellend of Benton County Fire District 1.

"Having all of this make-up makes it more realistic. It hits home," added Kenneth Douglas, a student at Tri-Tech.

Andrea Simmons said participating in this hit home for her.

"I'm the mock victim, but in the future I plan to be the firefighter, so its petty cool to be on the other side of it and see," said Andrea Simmons, Tri-Tech student and mock victim.

Response leaders say they try to do this type of drill as often as they can to keep skill-sets fresh.

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