Entrepreneurs brainstorm about Tri-Cities Public Market

On the Columbia River by the Cable Bridge is one of the potential locations for the market.

PASCO, Wash.--Entrepreneurs from across the Tri-Cities are buzzing with ideas, brainstorming about how to make a public market here a reality.

We heard from a couple who run the only exclusively gluten-free baking business in the Tri-Cities.

They tell Action News they've been excited about the prospect of a public market here since they heard about the idea, nearly three years ago.

The couple says having a public market would benefit them and other local vendors.

Tina’s Tasty Treats Shawn Pack says, "It’s a very hard industry to make it in, even if you have a specialty product no one else has. We looked at what these public markets can offer, and you get kind of the best of both worlds. You get kind of a brick and mortar and a shared overheard expense."

Right now, Tina’s Tasty Treats operates out of the Pasco Specialty Kitchen, but she says a public market would allow them to have a storefront.

The public market would likely either be in the building next to the current farmer's market in Pasco or closer to the river.

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