Southridge High students communicate the dangers of drinking and driving

The Every 15-Minutes program offers a real life experience without the real life consequences.

KENNEWICK, Wash. - Some senior high school students, took part in the Every 15-Minutes program on Thursday, at Southridge High School in Kennewick.

It's a program designed to communicate the severity of alcohol-related driving and the impact it has on our community.

The Every 15-Minutes program offers a real-life experience without the real-life consequences.

During the school day, the grim reaper comes into classrooms removing one student volunteer, every 15 minutes.

That student is then black-robed, with a painted white face in order to visually represent someone who has lost a life, due to a DUI collision.

When the program first started over 20 years ago, a life was lost every 15 minutes due to DUI collision. Now that time has stretched to 53 minutes.

Kennewick Traffic Officer, Paul Reynolds said "In the time frame that we have implemented the Every 15-Minutes program at this school and all the other schools and across the nations, we have had a huge impact on the amount of fatalities as a result of DUI collisions."

On Friday, March 9, the student volunteers will present a program to the school that specifically talks about making the right choice, to not drink and drive.

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