Experts already seeing frozen, burst pipes around Tri-Cities

    Experts already seeing frozen, burst pipes around Tri-Cities

    Benton County Sheriff's Deputies responded to a number of burst pipes Thursday night, now they're warning home-owners and renters alike to make sure they know how to prevent it from happening to them.

    Atomic Plumbing owner David Brons says frozen or burst pipes help feed his family, but they're also frustratingly easy to prevent.

    He says if you turn on a faucet and nothing comes out this time of year, you've probably got frozen pipes.

    The plumber recommends using a space-heater or hair-dryer to get things going again.

    Never an open flame.

    "It doesn't take a lot to get a frozen pipe de-thawed, it takes time but it doesn't take a lot of heat," he warned. "Floods are bad but a burning home is worse, and obviously if you're just not comfortable with it, call a professional."

    Brons says running your tap on low works but should be a last resort.

    Instead he recommends opening cabinets to circulate warm air around the pipes, insulating outdoor spigots, keeping your garage closed and covering all vents on outside walls.

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