Experts say sinkhole does not pose threat to Hanford tank

Sinkhole discovered

RICHLAND, Wash. - A small sinkhole discovered at the Hanford Site Thursday does not appear to be interfering with any tanks.

The Washington River Protection Solutions said the hole at a Hanford tank farm was measured at roughly three feet deep after a small camera was lowered into the void from an aerial lift.

The hole was determined to be two feet in diameter after it was first discovered Thursday.

Work was stopped as a conservative measure to allow inspection and verify that the hole did not pose any risks to worker safety.

According to a report, the cause of the hole is likely poor soil compaction and water drainage around a rock in the ground.

Inspectors said a nearby tank, SX-108, is not believed to be under any structural threat related to the sinkhole.

WRPS leaders say work at the SX farm has resumed Monday morning, with the exception of the exclusion zone.

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