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Experts warn dog owners after pet's pads burn off during walk

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Photo via KEPR

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MEDICAL LAKE, Wash. (KEPR) — Experts at Medical Lake Veterinary Hospital want to warn dog owners about the dangers of walking your pet in the summer sun after a dog is treated for burned paws.

Earlier this month, Medical Lake Veterinary Hospital posted about a recent incident involving a dog with burned paws.

Veterinary Hospital Practice Manager, Jeannette Dutton, told Action News that a dog had to be treated after having their paw pads completely burned off. The injuries were so severe that it exposed raw muscle.

The dog's owner told staff that they didn't notice that their dog, Olaf, was suffering until they looked on the paved trail and saw bloody paw prints.

Olaf is recovering well but needs daily treatment on his paws.

Experts warn pet owners to walk their dogs in the early morning hours, or late evenings, when the pavement is cooler. You can also walk your dog on a grass or gravel surface instead of pavement.

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Vets at the hospital tell us they see a few cases like this every year. Experts say they see more cases of heat exhaustion. Those cases are extreme emergencies. Some dogs with thick coats should not be walked during the day at all.

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