Families Belong Together rally marches through Richland

Families Belong Together rally marches through Richland

RICHLAND, Wash. -- Families belong together--was the rally cry heard in Richland Saturday.

People marched through Richland in protest of families that've been separated at the border.

Rally leaders said they want their voices to be heard and are demanding action to reunite families that have already been separated.

"I couldn't even listen to the cries. I couldn't,” said Jazmin Santacruz Hallowell, rally organizer. “It's sick, it's non-humanitarian, and it's just unacceptable. As a human being, we just can't let that happen. Especially here in our great nation. We can't."

Marchers signed a petition they plan to send to representative Dan Newhouse.

They said Newhouse is at the Texas border getting briefed.

Marchers said they appreciate what he's done, and they hope he'll carry their voices to bring separated families together again.

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