Family has car with all possessions inside stolen from apartment parking lot


KENNEWICK, Wash.-- Days before Christmas, a family says it’s on the verge of homelessness after nearly everything they owned was stolen from them late Saturday night.

Their car was packed with all their belongings as they were set to move back to California, it was stolen from their apartment complex in Kennewick.

Now they say they're stuck and without many options.

Miguel Salgado says, "I'm asking for the public's help, to help me find my truck."

This past weekend Miguel Salgado was in the process of moving back home to California with his wife and daughter.

Miguel Salgado says, "Came back upstairs, did our final walk through, locked the house."

He says he was only away from his fully stuffed Tahoe for a few minutes.

Miguel Salgado says, "We went back downstairs toward the garage, our truck was gone with everything we own in it."

He even had his keys with him.

His Tahoe was stolen from the parking lot of Highlander Apartments in Kennewick.

He says they spent the entire day packing, a process that someone could have seen and then targeted them.

Miguel Salgado says, "We were moving all day long someone must have known, they got us at the right time."

He hasn’t been in the Tri-Cities long, it was his family’s first time away from home.

He didn’t consider the area in Kennewick he was in to be crime-ridden.

Miguel Salgado says, "It seemed fine, quiet."

He says he was supposed to be moved out of his apartment two nights ago.

Miguel Salgado says, "People work hard for their stuff when people steal from someone it puts a toll on their family."

If you have any information about where Miguel’s car could be, you're asked to call Kennewick police.

Remember is a 2004 white Chevy Tahoe.

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