Family of Toddler saved from Kennewick fire: It's an early-Christmas Miracle

Family of Toddler saved from Kennewick fire: It's an early-Christmas Miracle

KENNEWICK, Wash. — The boy Kennewick firefighters saved from a burning house last week is out of the hospital and staying with his family in Benton City Tuesday night.

The Stith family said they're safe and warm.

And grateful, because after three nights in a Seattle hospital everyone's together and breathing on their own.

Melissa Stith told Action News the whole experience feels like an early-Christmas miracle,

"It's a mother's worst nightmare, knowing that your child is stuck in a burning building and wondering if they're going to make it out alive."

Melissa was home with her three small children when an overturned candle started the blaze in the living room.

Then she says it spread,

"Blocking the hallway getting to him, it spreads so fast. You just couldn't see. You couldn't breath. It was bad."

The Kennewick Fire Department saved 2-year-old Dominic and revived him with CPR before life-flighting him to Seattle.

Melissa says she was told their house is a complete loss, but that doesn't matter,

"I love my family, they mean the world to me. Especially my children. I really don't care, as long as I have them, I'm good."

Now, as they put their lives back together, Richard Stith said the community response is overwhelming,

"It looks like it's going to be a good holiday."

He said they've received donations of money, clothes, and other supplies.

At Wal-Mart another customer found out what the family had been through and then, the grateful father said, gave them $100 on the spot.

Richard, who served our country in Iraq, said in war you see the very worst our world has to offer,

"And you just think the world is gone, that there's not good people left. And then seeing acts like this, just shows you that there's still good people out in this world that want to help, and wants to do things for people."

He said the whole family is grateful for everything our community has done to help them.

Especially Kennewick Fire, and God,

"I mean he spared our son's life, he didn't take him from us, and that to me is a miracle."

Dominic's parents said he's getting back to himself but want to warn everyone to take candles seriously.

Melissa said they're avoidingthem this holiday season, but if you decide to use them, please be sure to have a fire-extinguisher on hand.

Her husband agreed,

"Everything that a firefighter's ever told you, take heed and do it. They're not just blowing smoke, they're telling the truth."

If you want to help the young family get back on their feet, you can make a donation to Richard Stith inside any Numerica Credit Union location.

Numerica Credit Union Locations

  • Kennewick Branch: 3115 W. Kennewick Ave., Kennewick, Wash. 99336
  • Gage Branch: 8551 W. Gage Blvd. Suite E, Kennewick, Wash.
  • Southridge Branch: 4898 W. Hildebrand Blvd., Suite 120, Kennewick, Wash.
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