Fierce wind topples trees, transplants trampolines around Tri-Cities

    Fierce wind topples trees, transplants trampolines around Tri-Cities

    Strong winds whipping through the Tri-Cities threatened lawn-furniture, large trees and even homes Saturday afternoon.

    Kennewick firefighters responded to Carmichael Drive after a large tree blew over, crushing a truck and blocking the road for at least 30 minutes while crews cleared the mess.

    A few miles away, Fire crews also stabilized and eventually dismantled a 60-year-old Silver Maple before it toppled onto a home just feet away.

    Darren, a man living in the home who didn't want to give his last name, says he doesn't regret cutting down the tree, even though his grandfather planted it years ago.

    "It's a no-brainer, " he said. "I mean you hate to see trees being destroyed but I was afraid that structures were going to get taken out or people could get injured or even killed."

    KFD told Action News wind gusts of more than 30 miles-per-hour and wet ground are a dangerous combination.

    Heavy gusts also kept crews in West Richland busy, but they were dealing with runaway trampolines.

    WRPD says they responded to multiple displaced trampolines after the blowing them out of backyards.

    One crashed down on a nearby road, another landed on top of a truck.

    Officials are asking folks to call non-Emergency dispatch if they see downed trees, signs and other hazards caused by the weekend's storms.

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