Financial hardship falls on family of boys hit by car

Alameer recovering in hospital after being hit by car.

RICHLAND, Wash.-- Two boys who were hit by a car almost a month ago are finally out of the hospital. Now the family is facing extreme financial burden from their medical bills, even though the boys were not at fault.

Thirteen-year-old Alameer and 9-year-old Durgham have only been out of the hospital for about a week.

Life back at home has been far from simple.

Durgham says, "In the morning when I wake up my hand hurts and my head hurts. I get dizzy and I have problems shaking."

Now Alameer, who is wheelchair bound, has to navigate through tiny spaces just to get around their apartment, which the family of seven shares.

And his father can't work right now because taking both boys to and from doctors’ appointments and tending to them at home has become a full-time job.

A family friend says the parents are at a dead end with what to do.

Rana Deep says, "He didn't get all the care he's supposed to get because the insurance doesn't cover for his recovery and they have to release him home. His parents are very frustrated, they don't know what to do."

The boys say they are happy to be alive, but they can’t help sharing the stress their parents are feeling over the costs to get back to a normal life.

So far, the family has been handed over $200,000 worth in medical bills and the treatment the boys still need is far from over.

Medical bills are piling up.

For example, it was almost $60,000 for a life flight to Spokane November 6, the night the boys were hit.

The family tells us the driver who hit them is only able to cover $100,000 of the medical costs.

While it’s a miracle they survived the crash, now the family is needing help to survive the recovery.

Richland Police say the investigation is complete and the report is being forwarded to the Benton County Prosecutor's Office.

Police have recommended charging the driver with two counts of negligent driving in the 2nd degree against a vulnerable user, and failure to yield to a pedestrian.

The charging will ultimately be up to the prosecutor's office.

A GoFundMe account has been set up for the family, click here to help.

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