Finley School District plan for making up snow days

    Finley School District

    KENNEWICK, WA – Many school districts have been determining what to do for making up snow days all due to the record breaking snow in February.

    The Finley School District sent out a release that said:

    Like many districts across the Mid-Columbia, Finley School District is in the process of determining plans to make up required instructional hours lost due to weather.

    Snow days resulting in late starts or closures this winter have greatly impacted the state-required 1,027 hours of instructional time that all schools must meet.

    During the month of February and March, there have been four (4) two-hour delays and six (6) closures in Finley schools due to weather.

    On Monday, March 18, the Finley School Board will discuss the district’s proposal to meet state requirements. Finley’s proposal would include the following changes:

    The last day of school would move from June 7 to June 13

    High school graduation would move from May 31 to June 7

    Early-release Wednesdays originally scheduled for May and possibly June (depending on any other delays) would become full school days.

    Schools cannot apply for a state waiver for the required 180 days until they have used make up days that go past June 14th.

    Districts are also required to meet an average of 1,027 hours for the school year regardless of wavier or make up days.

    Those hours cannot be waived.

    Finley School District invites any interested community members to attend our upcoming school board meeting on March 18 beginning at 7PM. We appreciate the patience and understanding of our staff, students, and families.

    Any decisions or actions taken by the school board will be communicated following the board meeting.

    For more information, please contact Superintendent Lance Hahn at 509.586.3217.

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