Firefighters fight against local hunger

RICHLAND, Wash. -- With one in four local children suffering from hunger, Richland firefighters took action Friday.

The Richland firefighter's local 1052 union partnered with Second Harvest to give local families full boxes of fresh produce.

There was over 8,000 pounds of fresh produce and packaged goods to give out at the event.

Firefighters say they were overjoyed by the turnout when they saw lines of families running across the entire uptown parking lot.

"Outside of the 911 calls that we run, we know that there are many other needs in the city that haven't been met yet and hunger is just one of those," said Richland firefighter Josh Smith, adding "To be able to see these families line up and get the food that they need, whether it's for a day or the whole weekend, it's just an absolutely joyful moment for us."

Children enjoyed watching firefighters blend their smoothies by bike while waiting in line.

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