Firefighters share safety tips after multiple controlled-burns get out of hand

Firefighters sharing safety tips after multiple controlled-burns get out of hand

BENTON COUNTY, Wash. —- Two different controlled burns became structure fires in Finley over the weekend, and fire leaders said a little bit of preparation can save you and your home from tragedy.

Firefighter Tracy Baker said folks underestimate how far and fast a gust of wind can spread ashes and embers once a fire gets going.

She advised keeping burn-piles at least 50 feet from structures, cars, and clutter.

The firefighter also said to keep it small, burning no more than four feet-square at a time.

Baker also recommends keeping shovels, gloves, and garden hoses close, and soaking the space around your house even if you've just watered the night before.

“With temperatures getting into the 80s, it can dry out overnight," she said. "You’ve got dead, we call it duff, under the new growth and it’s deceiving. You don’t realize that’s there, and that can burn and travel.”

Baker said there should be at least two adults monitoring the burn, and before you get started you need to make sure you're not under a burn ban.

The Benton Clean Air Agency has more safety tips before you burn, click here.

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