First Latina elected to Pasco City Council

First Latina elected to Pasco City Council

PASCO, Wash. — Tuesday night's ballots introduced a new first for the city of Pasco, their first elected Latina on the city council.

Blanche Barajas told Action News her presence on Pasco City Council is only possible after the redrawing of voting district lines prompted by a lawsuit from the ACLU.

She said she's grateful for the chain of events leading up to the change, because she feels it's important for young people to see community leaders they can relate to.

Barajas said it's been a long time coming for the City of Pasco, but she's ready to be the first in what she hopes is a long line of folks from her area representing their own neighbors,

"I hope this opportunity is an example for other, younger leaders to come forward and finally run for office. We can do it."

The new Pasco City Council will meet for the first time on Jan. 2, 2018.

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