First two bed shakers installed; a tool to help alert those hard of hearing during a fire

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    PASCO, Wash. - Smoke alarms can help save lives, but imagine not being able to hear it.

    Action News learned of a Pasco family with a young child who is deaf and unable to hear the smoke alarm, but with the help of Pasco Fire and the Red Cross that has changed.

    Wife and mother of five Heidi Cruz who has two children with hearing loss says she was looking for ways to keep her family safe.

    “We went through an experience a couple of months ago where the smoke alarm at 3 o’clock in the morning went off in my bedroom and all the kids but the one that has the severe hearing loss woke up”, recalls the mother.

    The Pasco Fire Department who got a call from Heidi a few months ago decided to partner with the Red Cross to provide the family with the bed shakers, a tool that would alert someone of an emergency.

    “So, the idea of the bed shaker is there is a little pod that actually goes into the bed and the device that will sit up on the dresser here when the device hears the smoke alarm activate it will actually send out its own signal and then it will actually start vibrating the pod that’s in the bed”, says Ben Shearer Pasco Fire Department.

    The pod also sends alerts verbally in different languages, and according to the Red Cross the first two bed shakers were installed in our region.

    “We are pretty excited about finally getting some locally that we can do and work with the community fire departments where they identify needs for these kinds of devices”, says Brian Opitz Red Cross volunteer.

    Heidi says that after getting these installed she finally has piece of mind.

    “Now getting these bed shakers, I feel a lot more at ease I know that my family is going to be safe”, says Cruz.

    If you know someone who has a hearing loss and cannot hear the smoke alarm device, please have them make a phone call to their local fire department or the local Red Cross.

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