Forecasters Predict Wintry Mix; Police Urge Drivers To Slow Down


    KENNEWICK, Wash. -- Kennewick police are reminding drivers to take extra precautions on the road as weather forecasters are predicting a wintry mix Sunday night and into Tuesday.

    Kennewick police said the number one issue they see in drivers is speed and while roads are expected to be slippery police urge drivers to slow down.

    According to The National Weather Service fog is also expected in our region and police said fog lights need to be in your radar.

    "You want to leave your low beams on with the fog a lot of times when you have your high beams on it will reflect off that fog so it could actually decrease your visibility," said Officer Stefanie Cristelli.

    Drivers can check road conditions online with The National State Department of Transportation.

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