Franklin County Historical Museum reopens with new exhibits

Franklin County Historical Museum reopens with new exhibits

PASCO, Wash. -- History buffs might already now--there were once giant prehistoric camels roaming around Franklin County.

But for those who didn't know, you can see what they looked like at the Franklin County Historical Museum.

The museum reopened Saturday--celebrating its 50th anniversary and showing off brand new exhibits.

Museum leaders said there's lots to see and learn about the history of Franklin County, and they said they're excited about one new exhibit in particular called Glasnost and Goodwill. It shows the history of Washingtonians and Russians during the Cold War.

"Glasnost and Goodwill is a far-reaching look at different efforts that everyday citizens took during the Cold War to make peace with the Soviet Union,” said Gwen Whiting, lead curator of Washington State Historical Society.

“Today you can't hardly pick up a newspaper and see that tensions are once again at a high point between our country and Russia,” said Richard Scheuerman, director of educational programs. “Yet part of this exhibit is all about how citizens can sometimes break through tensions where leadership has challenges to do so."

Museum leaders invite young and old to come explore the history, and of course, see the Franklin County giant camel for yourself.

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