Fred Meyer donates check to police, firefighters for their help in containing store fire

Fred Meyer donates check to police, firefighters for their help in containing store fire

RICHLAND, Wash. - A Fred Meyer store is showing appreciation to police and firefighters for their help in containing and cleaning up a store fire.

"It's nice to be able to put a face to the first responders who came and spent three straight days here helping out and cleaning up,” Chris Meagher, Fred Meyer manager said. “It's nice to get together as a community to celebrate them."

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The Richland Fire and Police Departments were each presented a giant check donation of $500 from the Fred Meyer, located at 101 Wellsian Way, Wednesday morning.

"It plays out like this because of the relationships the exist before the fire,” Richland Fire Captain Tom Huntington said. “Richland Fire Fred Meyer has been a great community partner and this kind of incident is where those relationships pay off because we know each other, we trust each other, and we can get to work very quickly. The fruits of that relationship are what we're seeing today."

An angry customer set fire to merchandise on a Friday back in January, causing the store to close for the weekend. Police said two suspects are in custody for their involvement in the fire.

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"Any time we have calls for help, we respond immediately and that’s what happened that day," Richland Police Chief Chris Skinner.

Police said they were honored to receive this check and the donated money will be used to assist people that police see on a daily basis who are in crisis.

"We see that every single day, we see crisis, we manage crisis, we see people in need help," Skinner said. "Everything from diapers for children or victims of domestic violence that need a hotel stay to get away from that cycle of violence. Community care taking is important to us and this financial contribution from Fred Meyer will help us be able to do that."

Fire officials also said the money will help serve people in need in the community.

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