Fresh Out The Box opens Marineland Plaza location

Fresh Out The Box opens Marineland Plaza location

Kennewick, WASH - They've parked all over the Tri-Cities since opening three years ago and on Wednesday, the lunchtime line for Fresh Out The Box stretched out the door of its new location.

The popular Asian-Fusion food truck announced it would trade in its wheels for a brick-and-mortar location at Marineland Plaza few months ago.

Alexis Stalberger said she always liked seeing the restaurant around town and at Food truck Friday but she thinks the new location will be a good thing, if only because it means they'll have more fridge space,

"Everytime we go the people are so friendly and the food is so good, they have sold out multiple times. Like most times when I go places, they're selling out of their food because they're so good."

Stalberger said her parents own Marineland Plaza and the entire shopping center is excited for their new neighbor whose popularity, and 4.9 star rating on Facebook, they hope will increase foot-traffic to the area.

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