Friend shares loving memory of Zade Hakki, man killed in motorcycle crash

Zade Hakki with co-workers at Dutch Bros.

KENNEWICK, Wash. – Family and friends are grieving the loss of a well-loved Kennewick man who passed away in a fatal motorcycle accident in Richland on Wednesday.

He's a well-loved employee at Dutch Bros in Kennewick. So, you have met him while grabbing a drink, but friends will tell you he's done way more for people in this community than make great coffee.

"To have Zade as a friend, is to feel like you have the greatest ally," said James Dutton, Zade’s best friend and former roommate.

At 22-years-old, Zade was full of life and full of love. Dutton said Zade left a mark on a lot of people’s lives.

"There's a reason why he was so widely loved,” Dutton said. “It's because of the way he loved everybody."

Sadly, Zade was killed when his motorcycle collided with a truck at the intersection of Steptoe and Center Parkway. An EMT on the scene told James the held Zade as he passed in peace.

Zade touched people even in the two minutes he interacted with them in the Dutch Brother's drive thru.

“Every time there was something that people took from that a warmth—a sincerity, an authenticity, a type of love that is very rare to come across," Dutton said.

His Dutch Brother's family said they're missing an amazing member today. Zade was the assistant manager for Dutch Bros in Kennewick.

In a statement, they said:

"Zade Hakki was an amazing member of the Dutch Bros family, one we’re already missing. Zade was loved by his customers and co-workers and was always making people laugh. He was the person you could go to for advice, help or friendship and know you would receive it without judgement. Right now, the Dutch Bros family is concentrating on helping our customers, crew and Zade’s loved ones through this difficult time."

Zade was engaged to be married soon.

"He loved Taylor in a way people only dream of being loved," Dutton said.

He and his fiancé were excited to start their life together and had just signed to buy a new home.

"When you saw them together you would know that they had found what a lot of people search for,” Dutton said. “And one day I hope to have something they had."

While there is incredible grieving, Zade's story is not done yet. Dutton said it's just beginning.

"I'm so excited to be in heaven one day and see his big huge gigantic grin that you can see a mile away, and him beyond excited to show me everything,” Dutton said. "We love Zade and we do miss him, but we'll see him again."

Dutton organized a fundraiser for Zade's family and fiancé to help them with Zade's memorial.

Dutch Bros is also planning a fundraiser to help support Zade's loved ones.

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