Gesa Carousel of Dreams undergoes annual maintenance

Gesa Carousel of Dreams undergoes annual maintenance

KENNEWICK, Wash. – The Gesa Carousel of Dreams will be closed Monday, May 14 through Thursday, May 17 for annual maintenance to the horses which will preserve the paint work and wood.

The bulk of the maintenance work will be the touch-ups of the paint and clear coat on each of the horses.

The process includes a complete cleaning of all the carousel animals, filling and sanding of scrapes, and scratches, painting of needed areas and the application of additional coats of clear coat to protect the 108-year-old wood.

“The maintenance process is necessary to preserve the carousel for generations to come and keep the animals looking as good as they did our first day of operation,” said Parker Hodge, Executive Director. “Our paint team is meticulous in taking care of the animals and they will look as good as new again when they are completed.”

While the carousel will be open this weekend, there may be some horses on the platter which will be unavailable to ride while the sealer cures.

The weather, including humidity plays a factor in how long it takes for the sealer to properly cure.

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