Go Green Tri-Cities: try to cut back on plastic waste for Earth Month

Go Green Tri-Cities: try to cut back on plastic waste for Earth Month

TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- April is Earth Month, and Go Green Tri-Cities is inviting people to do something small to reduce our footprint--cut down on plastic grocery bags.

It’s not a small number--112,286.

“It's nuts! It's so wasteful!” shopper Matthew Paulus said.

That's how many plastic bags Go Green Tri-Cities said people in the Tri-Cities alone carry out of grocery stores in one day.

“Plastic bags are atrocious,” Go Green’s Gail Everett said. And you'll notice that when you're driving around and you see them stuck in the tree or the fence line. And it's something that we all use and it's something that we can all reduce.”

Plastic bags may be convenient, but experts said the little grocery sack can only break down into smaller pieces that'll be on this earth longer than you will.

“They never go away,” Everett said. “These smaller pieces are with us forever. It is a waste of resources. They end up in the water, they end up in the environment.”

That's why Go Green Tri -Cities is urging people to make some changes.

“We can only change it by people just chipping in a little bit more,” she said.

Everett suggested switching to reusable bags.

“It's just environmentally friendly,” Paulus said. “It seems pretty simple, I have about 10 of them in my trunk.”

Try re-using the one's you do take home by using them in yard sales or donate them to second-hand stores.

And of course—recycle--so they don't end up floating around in a landfill.

Everett said remember curb-side and drop-off recycling through the city can't take plastic bags, so you can bring them into many grocery stores to recycle in their bins.

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