Goethals Park suspect in custody

Goethals Park suspect in custody

RICHLAND, Wash. - Police have taken a man into custody on attempted luring charges after an incident at Goethals Park.

Richland Police said they took 51-year-old Michael Young of Richland into custody without incident.

A woman said she saw a man approach two young girls playing in the park yesterday.

She said he asked where their parents were and where they lived. The witness and another mother overheard the conversation and intervened.

According to one of the women the man became defensive saying he was just a concerned parent. After a brief argument the woman said the man took off in his truck and they reported him to the police.

Melissa Blacketer was at Goethals Park with her kids today. She said she heard about the altercation on Facebook. Blacketer said it's upsetting and she plans to supervise her kids at the park until police figure out whats going on,

"Even though I don't think its any different than any other day necessarily because there's always that possibility. There's that little heightened fear."

Richland Police said they don't comment on active investigations but on Facebook they report Young was taken into custody without incident.

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